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Asphalt surfacing :

We offer quality services in the surfacing of roads, parking lots, driveways. Asphalt  Pretoria uses hot mix asphalt both medium and btb course asphalt.
Our thickness on the surfacing starts from a thickness of 20mm going up depending with the nature of traffic your road or parking receives.

We do asphalt surfacing in Gauteng, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Mafikeng, North West, Thohoyandou, Tzaneen, Rustenburg, Nelspruit & Wibank we can work anywhere around south Africa

Hot asphalt projects can be completed using pavers, that method is called machined laid asphalt, its mostly used when doing public municipal roads or mines, malls parking lots or any other industrial related asphalt pavements.

Hand laying is commonly used when patching potholes or surfacing driveways and small parking lots including speed humps.

Due to our vast experience in the road construction and surfacing industry, both our hand laying and machine laying team are well experience to tackle any problem that might arise during the project.

Brick paving:

Brick paving is mainly used in office parks or some high market business centers.

We have three types of brick paving:

  • Interlocking paving
  • Block paving
  • Brick paving

Asphalt rejuvenation:

After some time after laying asphalt, due to unfriendly weather conditions the surfaces becomes tired due to oxidization. So we have a method of retaining all elements that were lost from the surface through a method that we call tarmac rejuvenation. We spray the asphalt rejuvenator, it makes the surface new but doesn’t change the texture of the surface. Crack sealing is also another form of rejuvenating an old and tired asphalt surface, we use our special bituminous products mixed with some course sand to have a proper texture and finish on the cracks


Cold mix asphalt: FCPCM cold mix asphalt is our self designed mixture design of cold applied mix asphalt,its a mix design of 9,5 mm stone with some 6,5mm stone including some fine stone with our ratios of oils,diesel and binders that forms a weather resilient design which is easy to apply and has a shelf life of more than 12 months under good storage.We supply municipalities,mines,property maintenance groups and optic fibre wifi companies.

We sell it in 25 kg bags or bulk.

Penetration bitumen:

  • Anionic Bitumen Emulsion [(SS 60 %) – Tack Coat] – 210L Drums / Bulk
  • Cut Back Bitumen MC 30 – 210L Drums / Bulk
  • Environmental primer (E-Prime) – 210L Drums / Bulk
  • Invert Bitumen Emulsion MSP1 – 210L Drums / Bulk
  • 70/100 bitumen

Tarmac rejuvenation products: 

Col seal crack seal

hot applied crack sealants that is sold in 20lt to 210 litre drums




Customer Satisfaction

Civil Engineering


Construction, renovation and demolitions of domestic and commercial structures

Road Rehabilitation


Rehabilitation covers the sealing of cracks on tarmac roads,rejuvenation of asphalt roads when they look old and patched.

Parking lots & driveways


We surface parking lots or driveways both domestic and commercial areas,parking lots for schools,hospitals or driveways for farms or plots,we can lay asphalt on your property from ground preparations that covers soil testing and poisoning with certificate offered

Pothole Patching 


Potholes are a hazard on roads that results in many accidents and deaths,As Asphalt Pretoria,we have a dedicated team that has a great experience in the patching and repairing of potholes even when the road is under use,we have sufficient traffic control equipment and personnel that can control traffic during pothole patching process.We did pothole patching in Thohoyandou,polokwane Rustenburg Pretoria and Mplumalanga area.

Road Construction

Asphalt inspection and patching services. Let us fill them up

Road Marking 


white lining, car park and playground marking, anti skid surfacing and many more marking and speed hump services.



Our earthworks offerings includes: Bulk Earthworks, Platforms & Terraces / Site Clearance & Demolitions .

Brick Paving


Brick paving is another way for marking a parking,driveway,road or walk ways.We do both domestic and industrial paving using either 60mm or 80mm interlocking pavers.Paving can also be done around the entertainment areas such as swimming pool areas.

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